Unique Places to Find Coupons and Samples


Finding great money-saving coupons and free samples is like finding money on the ground. Over time, you save a remarkable amount of money as long as you remember to hunt for the best coupons and freebies you can find.

Facebook is your Friend

Here are a few of the unique resources and great ways to grab coupon codes and free samples from Facebook.  One of the best ways to find free items and coupons is to join social network websites.  It is a way companies reach millions of fans and reward them.

  • Many product manufacturers are currently listing their own profiles as a way to offer promotional giveaways.  
  • Find great sampling sites and “LIKE” their pages.  That way you can all the best freebies in once place.
  • Currently, the fastest growing arm of advertising with coupons is taking place on social network sites such as Facebook.  Companies are giving out coupons to fans of their pages like crazy!
  • When you sign up for free samples, you can also get coupons with the samples which is a huge bonu

Tweeted Savings

Twitter is also a great place to find codes, coupons or even secret sales and giveaways. On twitter, coupons for Nike, Toys r Us and Oshkosh are always popping up. So it pays to check them out at least once per week.

  • Follow big names like Nordstroms, Target and Walmart
  • Watch for Tweet-a-thons where you can grab coupons and freebies
  • Follow money saving and freebie websites for their latest hot items

 Coupon Clipping Is Not Time Consuming For The Pros

According to The Consumerist, a website dedicated to keeping shoppers informed about coupon savings, there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to using discounts. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to scan the best sites quickly for the products you use. As an example, hikers and outdoor aficionados should check out various sites for unique coupons.  Make sure as you are looking for coupons and codes, you search correctly to have the chance to find the best coupons out there here are some ways to find the right coupons:

  • Use key words to search.  For example do an internet search for “kids, birthday parties, coupons” to find deals related to those topics.  
  • Go directly to the top stores for what you need.  If you want fishing gear got to Bass Pro shop and then put “coupons” in the search.
  • You can also scroll to the bottom of pages to find direct links to coupons and special offers.  Store love to offer coupons but in a more covert way.  Sometime you have to look!

Remember to join some social network websites and become friends with the companies who make your favorite products. In this way, their promotions will automatically come to you. You also get to see what your friends are receiving and comment on those you wish to acknowledge. It is fun and profitable to avail yourself to manufacturers of commonly used products and services and a perfect way to find out about new ones.

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