Three places to help in Joplin if you wish

It is being reported that already they can confirm 89 people have died yesterday in the Joplin tornado. Looking at the devastation on tv this morning, it’s just amazing. If you wish to help, readers have already responded with some donation information. Please take a look at your stockpiles and try to grab up at least a $5 or $10 flat rate box and send it. Remember, do not send crap! The folks down south were completely overwhelmed with the truckloads of junk they received and it just added to their misery. People who have lost everything have zero need for single shoes and broken toys. I know you all will come through. I’m gathering up a small box of razors, deodorant and the free Crayola things we got at Walgreens a few weeks ago. I am directly copying & pasting:

Elder Andy Wilson at Mt. Hope Church of Christ. They are prepared to accept supplies. Anyone near or in Joplin that can get immediate need supplies in – please go to 2830 Mt. Hope Road Webb City MO 64870 Contact# 417-624-1795 Best route to take: 249 to 171 in Webb City.

These guys are based in Springfield MO…which is maybe an hour from Joplin. and I know they are helping…bringing volunteers in etc.

National Guard Command Post is set up at 20th and Duquesne. All licensed medical personnel is asked to report there. All citizen volunteers to Missouri Southern University. Also, be advised, severe storm warnings. They have a cell moving into Joplin with strong wind and hail.
Nurses and Doctors wishing to help in Joplin, call 417-832-9500. Greater Ozarks Red Cross

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