Slow Cooker Sunday Blog Hop~Jambalaya, oatmeal, London Broil recipes

Welcome to another weekly Slow Cooker Sunday Blog Hop! Every week, I post one of my favorite slow cooker recipes and invite other bloggers to share theirs as well.

This week, I’m making Jambalaya! This is a favorite of mine, and I’ve modified it a bit from the original recipe. True Jambalaya connoisseurs would probably snicker at this recipe but that’s ok. I live near Philly…… where even close to New Orleans and I don’t claim to be a Jambalaya expert. All I know is that this dish is spicy, tasty, high in fiber and my family likes it.


1 lb package of sausage, I usually use kielbasa or smoked sausage, Hatfield brand. Slice it into half-dollar sized slices and fry off the grease and drain.

1 lb package of chicken breasts, diced

1 big can of diced tomatoes, not drained

1 big can of black beans, drained

3T of McCormick Cajun seasoning, comes in a shaker-type container.

Put all of that in your slow cooker and mix well. Cook on low 4-5 hours, high 2-3. Check on it periodically, and if it’s looking dry, add in a bit of chicken broth—about a 1/3 to ½ cup at a time. Depending on how much liquid is in with your tomatoes or beans or how dry the chicken/sausage can be, I find that sometimes I do have to add liquid. But you don’t want too much or it’s too soupy.

When it’s finished, stir in as little or as much cooked rice as you want. I usually take one of the Birds Eye frozen brown rice packages, microwave it, then stir it in.

I don’t have a nutritional analysis for this—but the chicken, sausage and black bean are all high in protein, black beans and brown rice high in fiber. Trade off of course is that your sausage may be high in fat and sodium. If that’s a concern for you, choose your sausage ingredient accordingly—like turkey or soy or something.

Bloggers-link up your favorite slow cooker recipe.


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