Great DIY gift idea for Christmas or Mothers’ Day~home made bath salts

I saw this idea in a magazine. I think it would work well not just for the holidays, but also Mothers’ Day and if you have several gifts to get like teacher gifts, babysitters, stuff like that. It’s a gift that the kids can help you make and it won’t make too much of a mess either.


First, you’ll need some glass jars, preferably with a clamp-lid. Something like this, from Amazon:


Next you’ll need a container of epsom salts. This is a time to use up some Extra Bucks at CVS, Register Rewards at Walgreens or your UPs rewards at Rite Aid. They’re very inexpensive anyway, but why pay with cash if you don’t have to? This is also a time when you can save and buy store brand. Two pounds of epsom salts is only $3 at Walgreens, according to their online prices.


Next you’ll need a very light bath oil or mineral oil. Baby oil will do, just make sure you get unscented. Or not. Because what you’re going to do, if you wish, it to mix in 6-8 drops of an essential oil. But if you choose not to use an essential oil, then you will want the scent of the bath oil. I love essential oils and would like to recommend my friend Wendy. Keep her in mind if you do this for the holidays or end-of-school-year teacher gifts. I love their oils and they are great quality. Lavender is definitely my favorite. But there are many great options-patchouli, orange, eucalyptus, sandalwood, peppermint. Essential oils can also be found at Ulta, and they have a $3.50/$10 coupon in this week’s paper.


Recipe is: Mix 1 cup of Epsom salts with 4 oz of the bath/mineral oil and then 6-8 drops of the essential oils. Mix well in a bowl and put into the jars. You can then decorate the jars as much or as little as you wish. Have your little one tie a bow or put stickers on the jar. They can even paint them beforehand if you wish.


  1. Very cute — I love the packaging. I wonder how much a case of the mason jars would be. Probably pretty cost-effective, if you’re planning on making lots of homemade gifts. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I adore this idea! It’s inexpensive and allows a personal touch. I’m definitely using this for my mom and to just have extras around the house.


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