{getting back into couponing} day 4-browsing sales ads and gathering printable coupons

extreme couponing, bandwagonWelcome to another day of getting back into couponing–our step by step plan to get us back in the habit of clipping coupons and saving money. Below you can see what we’re doing each day if you need to catch up.

Today, this is what I’m doing–browsing sales ads and gathering printable coupons.

I usually get my ads in my mail on Wednesday, but when they are late I almost always have them by Friday. This also is a good day for me to do this, because after I put the boys to bed, or if I let them stay up and watch a movie, I will have time to get it done.

I’m browsing the ads to see at first glance what appeals to me, and circling it. Any catalina offers that look decent, sales and so on. I also am crossing off items in the ad that I know I DO NOT need. Yesterday I did my pantry and my freezer so I have a good idea of which items I don’t need. The big X over the item in my ad will serve as a reminder while I’m shopping that I do not need to buy that unless it’s free.

My next step is to hit the printable sites and print what I want and clip them. If I do this right after I browse the ads, then I sorta have an idea in my head of what is on sale. For example, I browsed and saw lots of General Mills deals, so I know to click and print the GM coupons if I see them.

And that’s it, that’s all I’m doing today. Saturday and Sunday will be some bigger tasks, so get caught up on these days’ tasks if you haven’t already. There are 5 inserts coming this Sunday!

If you look at the list of categories directly under the blog header/banner, you see where it says “COUPONS.” That will take you to all the various printable coupon sites-Coupons.com, SmartSource, RedPlum, Catalina/CouponNetwork, Cellfire and SavingStar.

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