Finding the Right Storage Unit to Save You Money

If you’re considering looking for a way to store season items or items that you simple don’t have the space for you should consider the area that you live in.  Any city with extreme seasonal temperatures can create problems for your stored items.  For example you can find storage units in Chicago, IL to Hawaii but it is important that you hone in on the right type of storage unit for the type of goods you are storing.


The size of the storage unit is just one thing to take into account. More importantly you should also evaluate whether you want climate control or not. It will be a bit more expensive to find a unit that has the climate control, but you may just find that it will be worth it.

Here are some of the benefits of a climate controlled storage unit:

Protection from the Climate

Here are some important factors to consider when deciding if you should use a climate controlled unit or go with a standard unit.

  • If you have a lot of delicate wooden items, humidity and heat are guaranteed to ruin them.
  • Paintings and works of art can be ruined, and you may find that the wooden furniture and musical instruments you have in storage can be cracked or warped by hot or humid weather.
  • Plastic items can become warped and cracked in varying temperatures very quickly. This will cause cracks and splits to the plastic.

With climate control, your stuff will always be at a set temperature and humidity level. Even if you don’t have delicate items, you will find that humidity will make your storage unit attractive bugs, moths, and other creatures that can get into your clothing and personal items causing costly damage.

Less Chance of Dust and Dirt 

A simple storage unit that doesn’t come with climate control will almost always be located in a warehouse or something similar storage building, and your storage unit will be exposed to dust and dirt every time you access it.

The average climate controlled storage unit is located inside a closed off building, and you will have to walk through the corridors of the building to get to your unit. This means that there is much less risk of dust and dirt being tracked into your storage space, as you will walk through clean, dry halls that are well-maintained.

Indirect Climate Control

Rather than having a heater blowing hot air or an AC unit blowing cool air directly onto your stuff, the climate control units will usually use a central conditioning system to keep the units at the proper temperature. This will ensure that the temperature in the units will stay constant, and there is little risk that the heater or AC unit will break down.

If you have a single AC or heater unit in your storage space, it is much more likely to break down. With a central heating and cooling system, the cooling or heating will be indirect and much better cared-for.

Less Risk of Pests

An outdoor storage unit will usually be cheap, but there is always the risk that animals can get into the storage unit. Even if rats and raccoons are kept out, bugs like ants and termites can always creep through tiny holes in the wall to get into your storage unit. With a climate controlled storage unit, the bugs will not be able to get at your stuff no matter what. The unit will be inside a building that is sprayed regularly and keep free of bugs, and the quality of the material used to build these indoor units make them virtually impenetrable to bugs and insects that could damage your stuff.

When selecting the type of unit you want to store your items in, you may find that you will get better quality conditions when going with a climate controlled storage unit.  Although these types of units may be more expensive in some cases, knowing that there is less potential to damage to your possessions is well worth it.

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