{Pinterest Blog Hop} Easy DIY fleece blankets for any season~no sewing required!

Let me just start this post by saying…….If I can do this, anyone can. I am not crafty. I’m always well-intended, I do lots of pinning on Pinterest, but when it comes to actually doing crafts, I stink. I usually find a way to make it look as if it’s a complicated thing to do, when it was really easy. Like these blankets. I learned how to do these a few years ago from some friends at my old job; they couldn’t believe I had never done it. And after having them show me how to do it, I can’t believe I didn’t know how to do it. It’s the no-sew fleece blankets.Here is one I made a few years ago for my little guy.

Custom sized for him, plus it matches his room.


First, since we are headed into warmer weather, you’re probably wondering why I’m posting this now. Several reasons:

  • These can be used in any season, I use ours year round.
  • They are an awesome in-between seasons blanket.
  • Fleece is cheap right now, since it typically is a winter fabric. You should be able to find great clearance deals. Plus, the most I’ve ever had to pay is $30, and that was because I needed to make it for a baby shower and didn’t have time to hunt down a deal, so that was full price.
  • Should you choose to add a sewing step to the process, you could sew in rubber weights and make it a weighted blanket, which is necessary year-round. I just have my little guy use two of these and it is enough weight to make a difference for him.
  • Custom! You choose the fabric/fleece, so you can get whatever you want. Match the decor of a room, get your favorite sports team, whatever! And, you decide what size you want. I really got into these because baby blankets were too small, so were toddler blankets. But twin/full sized stuff was too big. I was able to make these to suit exactly what I wanted.

Here is what you’ll need. I have been purchasing our things at Joann Fabric, the one in Willow Street. I haven’t been there recently, but am trying to get up there as I want to do some new ones. You can also get some great coupons for Joann Fabric at Coupon Cabin. The coupons can be used with the gift card, if you are the winner.

Shopping List

sharp scissors to cut fabric
piece of stiff cardboard, 1″ by 4″, to be used as your pattern
safety pins to pin the corners of fabric together, to work with it
two pieces of fleece, your choice; choose how long you want the blanket and add 8″ for the ties
Printable coupon for 40% off at Joann
marking crayon for fabric (optional)

Here is one example of fabrics I chose. My boys’ bedroom is outer space theme, with deep blue walls with neon green and orange contrast.

These color combinations may not be for everyone, but that’s what I love–they are customized for us.

Steps to make your blanket

Determine your work space. These can typically be completed in a few hours if you work quickly. You’ll need space to be able to lay out the fabric.
Line up the two pieces of fabric and pin them together. You may have extra on one piece, you’ll need to trim that. You want them the same size.
Using your cardboard pattern, start at one of the corners and begin either marking (with fabric crayon) or cutting, the fringes of the blanket. You will have a small, square of fabric from each corner that gets discarded.
Continue around the entire perimeter until it is all fringed.
If you have older kids, this is where you can enlist their help. Begin at one corner and begin tying. You take a fringe from one piece of fabric, and tie it in a double knot (or fancy knot, if you know them) to the corresponding fringe on the other piece of fleece. Look at photo above to see the finished item, to get the idea.
Finish, wash and use. I have had some come untied in the wash, but no big deal, I just retied them.

I have used ours almost exclusively for my boys’ beds for about 3 years and they still look like new. Invest in decent fleece so that it does not pill, pull or wear thin. I wash ours about 1-3x a month and they still look great.




  1. I started doing these years ago- as a favor for my son’s birthday party. Since that time- I’ve made one for each member of our family and even got super creative by making it two sided- twice the warmth and am able to match decor better! Everyone that receives it loves it- it never goes out of style and are fully functional! Great idea for non sewers!

    • Oh my, birthday party favors! That’s quite a few to do, even though they are easy. I have to perfect the adding weight to it, for a weighted blanket. I haven’t found a simple way yet.

      • Lisa, do you mean weighted as in hold it down or as in thicker?

        • Oh sorry, lol. Weighted blankets are very common in autism world, or for sensory seekers. K enjoys the pressure of the extra weight, sort of needs it to be content. Just like he needs to bounce to sensory satisfied, he craves sensory input at night too and weighted blankets help him sleep through the night. If you search them on etsy, you’ll find them, but too much $$$. If I could find a way to make them cheaper, I’d be over the moon! I need weight without added heat.

          • Do you have a sewing machine? Theoretically it shouldn’t be too hard to make one yourself. Thinking it through how to make it so it doesn’t tear open but yet would work well. They sell the pellets on Amazon. You would just need to make two layers of fabric. If you back the fleece with a cotton it won’t make it hotter but will be good stability for the filling. Also, what blanket does he use for summer? If it isn’t the fleece you could layer two flat sheets or something together and make a light weight (temp wise) one.

  2. What a great idea! Love that you don’t have to sew. Would make Christmas gifts. :) Pinned! Stopping by from the hop.

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