30 family activities that don’t require electricity

If you are without power for an extended amount of time, what to do? Certainly frustrating, but here are 30 ideas of things to do that will hopefully keep the kids happier and make the time go by quicker. And of course there is carving pumpkins, highly seasonal though!

Read books (yourself)
Read books to your kids
Read magazines
Play cards
Play board games
Write letters to family and friends
Mani/Pedi for yourself and your daughters
Go for a walk
Brush your cat/dog
Organize your drawers and cabinets
Clean out your closet
Do puzzles
Knitting or crocheting or cross stitch
Balance your checkbook, clean out papers and office stuff
Clip and organize coupons
Tend to your indoor plants (pruning, etc.)
Sit and do nothing (when was last time you did that?)
Organize your pantry
Tell stories to each other (come up with prompts like “My favorite holiday last year was … because…)
Play-doh or clay
Painting or watercolor
Paper mache
Clean out your purse
Organize your list of cell phone contacts-add, update, delete
Crossword puzzles, word find, sudoku
The kids’ homework or studying
Sewing-mend items, fix buttons, etc.



  1. See, this is why I hang out with you. In my universe, balancing the checkbook would not be considered a family activity. But I’ll give anything a whirl. LOL.

  2. Great list of activities! :)

  3. I love that you made the list printable! Great tips!!

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