10 Valentine’s Day gifts under $6

Ok, looking for a cute Valentine’s Day gift, but you don’t want to break the bank? Maybe deep down inside, you really feel that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark-created holiday…but at the same time, you want to do a little something, just not go overboard. Well, here I have found you 6 Valentine’s Day gifts for under $6. Enjoy!.

1.  Go to Cheryl’s cookies and get a cookie greeting plus a $5 gift card, all for $5! If you choose to purchase more than that, use the discount savings code VDAY15 to get 15% off your entire order. Code will not work on the $5 greetings.

How cute are these? Click to order.

How cute are these? Click to order.

2. Treat.com-Upload a photo, make a customized card, AND have it mailed to the recipient…for under $5. Most start at $1.99.

Click to see more.

Click to see more.

3. Magazines.com–having a sale, offering many popular titles for $5.97 a year. Order a gift subscription and buy a copy at the store, stick a card in it, nice gift! I love getting magazines.

4. Fisher-Price–don’t want your little ones to have candy? Check out the clearance section of the Fisher-Price site, lots of stuff for under $6.

5. Calendars.com-all regularly priced 2013 calendars are now 50% off. This includes the Some E-Cards calendar and other popular ones. That one will actually be $7 after the discount, so just over my $6 budget. But there are lots of $9.99 options that will be $5 after the discount.

6. This app is only $1.99, cute! Valentine’s Day! – UAB Target Works

v app

7. York Photo-has a $1 mug offer, plus if you are new to York Photo, you’ll get 40 free prints too. Use code 1MUG. Even with shipping, this should be under $6, unless you live overseas or in Hawaii or something. And then I don’t want to hear you complain, you live in Hawaii.

8. Vistaprint-offering 10 free Valentines, even after shipping it is still under $6.

9. Avon-they have these super cute bath paints, just $0.89! My son got one as a gift from his bus driver for Christmas, so glad they have more, and so cheap! And here is a code to get free shipping over $10. Free Shipping with any $10 order! Enter code NOSHADOW at checkout. Valid January 29 to February 2, 2013.

Just $0.89 each!

Just $0.89 each!

10. And here you go, for the last one….it’s a freebie! A free Valentine’s app.

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