Review: Philadelphia Indulgence

I didn’t receive a free sample of this or anything (I WISH!!!) but sometimes new products come on the market and you really want to try them but don’t want to spend full price in case it just isn’t worth it……or, well, who really WANTS to pay full price anytime??!!

I was at a discount grocery store and they had 4 ct. packs of the Philadelphia Indulgence Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese spread for $0.69.  I’m not sure why. It wasn’t expired or anything but hey, my gain!

This stuff is deeeeeeevine! IloveitandIwishIboughtmore. Seriously, what was I thinking??? I decided to try the first one by itself. I figured I could get a taste of it and see what I thought it would pair well with besides the fallback strawberries.  Well, I can tell you it is good enough straight up. Two of the containers (separate times only because of some strange willpower) were eaten all by themselves.

The rich chocolatey flavor is enough to give the “chocolate fix” I so desperately needed. The only thing I wish it had was a itty bitty bit more of a cream cheese punch. It was there but quite subtly.

Use with : strawberries, oranges, bananas, straight up, on a bagel, on a cake, on brownies. Get it? Pretty much on anything!


Print this coupon for .55/1  and save! (Don’t wait until it’s gone.) Trust me, it’s worth more than that $6 dessert at a restaurant and so much cheaper.