$20 Leap Pad gift card for $14.00! Go now! Hurry!

Wow! I was just poking around on Amazon to do a Tech & Toy Tuesday post, and found the gift card for Leap Pad Apps for just $13.99. These will go fast and prices on Amazon change quickly, so go get yours now!

$20 Leap Pad apps card

5-20% off Leap Pad apps, games & downloads

Click this, then look for “back to school” offer at top middle of page.

Hey, look what I found! We’re going through potty-training with my 3-year-old right now, and I’m bribing him with apps for his Leap pad. I was getting some this morning and got this pop-up ad from Savings.com. Expires September 1, which is great for us–I think I’m going to be purchasing lots of apps over the next couple of weeks!

Good sales on Leap Pads $88, Leap Pad apps, Leap Pad accessories + free shipping

leap pad, $99 leap pad

I’ve been poking around online, as I haven’t updated our Leap Pad or purchased any Leap Pad apps since my 3-year-old’s birthday in March. Summer is a time for road trips, and I just love our Leap Pad for the car. I haven’t had much luck finding any free Leap Pad apps, but I have found some decent deals.

Amazon has the $20 Leap Pad app gift card for just $18. Prices change often, though, who knows how much it will be tomorrow. The lowest I’ve ever seen it sell for is $16.xx. They also have the carrying case for $15.64 and the AC adapter is cheap too.

On the Leap site, Savings.com has an offer posted where select items are $10-$20 off and you get free shipping with an order over $60. They had a nice 3-game set for $60, I may get that since that means each cartridge is only $20.

On Amazon, the green Leap Pad is only $88 with free shipping.

On both sites, I saw lots of new fun games, like ones to go with the new Brave movie from Disney. Haven’t even seen the movie yet and the games are out!

Good luck & happy shopping.

~Win a Leap Pad or $100 Leap apps gift card, ends May 15~

I have partnered with some of my favorite bloggers to offer this great prize for you and your family. Did you get a Leap Pad during all the craziness around the holidays? Well, if not, here’s your chance. Or, if you did, here is a chance to refresh it with $100 worth of new apps and games. This is a summer time MUST-HAVE if you’re taking a road trip, especially if your car does not have a DVD player in it. The kids can watch videos on it just like a mini-DVD player, but they can also play games on it, which is something a DVD player doesn’t offer. You can get apps and other add ons for all ages, from preschool up to Star Wars. It even has a camera and a photo editor, an art app that they can draw on or play tic-tac-toe, and more. It’s really a handy little educational and entertaining device. Enter now!

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