Free app for Leap Pad: update + sales on games and apps


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And the update is……I have no updates! Lol. Sort of. The other day, I posted about a free app from Leap Pad, if you registered and set up your Leap Pad by 12/22. This was something I got in an email from Leap. I did actually register ours and get it set up on that date, but was unable to find the free app on the website–and this was after clicking through the email they sent me.

Anyway, I have now emailed them twice and have not heard back. I did let them know I was a blogger–not in an obnoxious “Hey, I’m a blogger so give me what I want or I’ll bash you on my blog” sort of way. More of a “Hey, I know that I have lots of readers who also were unable to locate this free app and are interested” sort of way. So hopefully we’ll hear something soon and they’ll honor it, even though it is now past the date.
In the meantime, I’ve been shopping around, and it appears that there are very few places to get these apps–Leap, of course, and Amazon and Toys R Us. Right now Toys R Us has the games at Buy one, get one 50% off. These things don’t seem to be discounted that much, so 25% off is a good price. I think we’re going to get the Cars one, not sure what else.
And here are some games and accessories to check out from Amazon. ETA: Please read the comment that a reader left, as to where she found the app. It’s still not showing up for me :( but I’ll keep trying!