are you trying to sell products and need a website?

Are you a work at home parent and trying to make a go of a small business? Are you tired of paying fees and percentages on the sales you are doing on other host sites? Then you should check out 1shoppingcart. This site will allow you to do a free trial to see if it’s for you. They have merchandising tools, marketing tips, easy set up and more. They also allow for you to take multiple forms of payments from your customers. What’s even better is that depending on the size of your business, you pay a monthly fee to have it and that’s it. No handing over money to your site host with every purchase. They have easy templates for you to use to set up your online store. It even comes with ways and tools to optimize your online business for seo on the search engines. And, just like I pay a host but the blog is mine, the same goes for this site. You’re not just listing your items on someone else’s sales site–it’s yours and directed to your domain name that you choose. When customers find your products for sale on your site, they won’t be sitting next to a competitor’s products on the list of items. Go check it out!

Visit Western PA Toyota for brake service

One of our monthly or annual household items and payments that we struggle with is owning two cars. I really wish (sometimes) that we didn’t live “out in the boonies” as they say, and that only owning one car was an option for us. I work from home which is nice. But I have to be out of the home just enough to make it necessary to have a car. And it’s not really feasible for me to take hubby to work and back each day, with 2 little boys and one that gets off the bus every afternoon. Wouldn’t exactly be fair to toss him in the car for a long car ride every afternoon. But still, we often daydream at having the extra money–from car payments to routine maintenance and all that stuff.

One thing we have learned is to buy a good car, do the routine maintenance–and then when you pay it off you can drive it for several years more. One thing we often run into is replacing the brakes. You should have your Pittsburgh brakes checked often and stay up to date with the maintenance. When you have one bad set of brakes (either front or back) it puts more wear and tear on the good ones and wears them out prematurely.

visit to compare prices

If you are an individual, a family or a small business person who is looking into purchasing dental insurance, you should visit They have all kinds of options from HMOs to PPOs and more, whatever type of dental insurance for individuals that you are looking for. The economy is rebounding, but we’re not quite there yet, as far as full recovery. It’s still an employers’ rather than an employees’ market out there, and many are still being pretty stingy on benefits. Dental care if often one of the first things to go, after vision care. If you are unemployed, underemployed or just living on a tight budget, your health care should be one of the last things you take out of your budget. Even what you think is a minor incident can quickly spiral downwards into a health and financial disaster.

At, you can check prices and plans from many insurance companies, both big and small. Compare prices and benefits side by side and choose what is best for you and your family.  Who knows, you may even find a plan that is better for you or most cost-effective for your family, better than what your employer is offering. Go take a look.

own a small business? get public liability insurance

Do you own a small business or are you an independent contractor? Then you probably need public liability insurance. Over 10 years ago, I had my own business teaching swim lessons at people’s homes. You bet I had insurance! But even if you are doing an activity that is not as risky as having small children that are non-swimmers in a pool…you should get it to protect yourself and your family. Let’s face it, we are an extremely litigious society. We like to sue over everything. I have a relative that has a very small business doing interior decorating, and even she has liability insurance. You never know when the one item you may drop while moving it, turns out to be a very valuable antique. Whether you own a business or work as an independent contractor, it is important to protect your company and your personal finances with public liability insurance. This will protect you in the event you cause an injury to a third party or damage their property. Given that the cost of legal, medical, and emotional compensation can easy escalate into the millions, all it takes is one incident for you to lose your home and any retirement savings you have. We always think it’s not going to happen, but accidents do happen–so protect yourself and all that you’ve worked hard for.