250 Business Cards~$10 shipped!

250 Premium Business Cards for $10! Includes shipping! Business Cards aren’t just for business contacts anymore. Vistaprint makes it easy to customize cards for nearly any purpose. The standard cards are printed on a new hefty-weight 110-lb. stock, making them perfect as contact cards for neighbors and relatives. They’re designed to go the distance and stand up to rough handling from teachers, sitters and daycare providers. So, keep plenty on hand with your emergency contact information. Or, create networking cards for your next PTA meeting. It’s a great way to be remembered by people you want to hear from again and again. Don’t miss out on this offer from Vistaprint. Explore the possibilities by ordering a fresh supply of the new heavyweight cards today.

And I know they take Paypal.

*6* Fun Freebies at 4:00, March 21

I swear, sometimes it feels like some of these sites read my mind! I was just thinking the other day that I’d need business cards and maybe some personalized notepads, because my other site just went through a blog redesign and this site is currently undergoing one. Well, Vistaprint heard my thoughts and brought back their 6 free items deal. I love this offer and do it almost every time it comes out. Just pay shipping and handling.

With their wide variety of customization options you’ll be able to personalize your items however you’d like. Whether you’re personalizing a pen, notebook or sticky notes, you can choose the design you love best and add your own message. Now, I just have to work with the designer to finalize the SSS logo!

Shipping Rates:
Note Pad: $5.65
Checks: $5.23
Pens: $5.77
Sticky Notes: $5.70
Notebooks: $5.94
Business Cards: $7.09


*6* New FREE Vistaprint Offers

Vistaprint has 6 new FREE* offers for you. All you pay is shipping, which is quite reasonable.

Start thinking about birthdays, holidays and “just because” gifts. It really is never too early when you want to save money and get great gifts (even gifts for you count).

Make a t-shirt to stash for Grandparents’ Day, father’s day, or to use for your business. I clean houses and got a free one with my cleaning name and number. The quality is EXCELLENT!

IF you missed out on the free calendar at the beginning of the year – grab one now! You won’t be sorry when you see how gorgeous they are. If you buy it for a gift you may just want to keep it.

Who ever has enough magnets? Mine always disappear.

I need one of these mousepads. I always get cheap ones and well, you really do get what you pay for.

Buy yourself a mug with your favorite picture or saying on it.

Too many pictures to choose from? Make a photo book of whatever suits your fancy. Why not? Even with shipping it’s barely anything.


*Shipping is between $4-$6

Car Magnets & Dry Erase boards for kids~starting at $3.25 shipped.

How cute is this idea? Get a car magnet, and stick it to your fridge for your kids to use with dry erase markers. Or, if you have a home based business–here is your chance to bling out your car with your business info for super cheap!