Giveaway: The Oogieloves In the BIG Balloon Adventure

Last week I had the opportunity to take my kids to a pre-screening of The Oogieloves In the BIG Balloon Adventure. We also had a chance to meet and chat with the creator, Kenn Viselman (you may know his name from Eloise, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Teletubbies) and writer, Scott Stabile.

While we moms chatted with them, the kids had their own adventure, Oogieloves Camp. They learned songs from the movie, decorated re-useable lunch boxes, and had an all around good time.

I loved getting a chance to hear the vision behind  The Oogieloves and what drives them in their pursuit of creating movies that are good for the whole family. I can tell you that as a very picky mom, I have zero issue with my kids watching the Oogieloves. They go beyond the requirements for G rated movies, even petitioning the MPAA to allow there to be a special new rating for a movie that is 100% kid friendly.

Instead of needing to have good and evil or adult humor, they keep it fun, keep it happy and full of love. With big animation, fun bright colors, and lots of interactive opportunities, this is one of the first time your kids can go to a theater and just be a kid. It’s meant to be fun and noisy and bouncy. Let your kids have fun with the Oogies coming to theaters Oogust 29. Even better, know you can take them without worrying about what they are going to walk around saying or waking up to their nightmares. Before you go, check out the Parent Guide at I especially loved the cameos of different artists – Toni Braxton, Jaime Pressly, Christopher Lloyd, Cloris Leachman (hysterical),  Chazz Palminteri and Cary Elwes.

Thanks to the Oogies, we get to give one of YOU, our readers, the awesome prize package pictured below. oogieloves


Glitter Tattoos (2)
Stickers (2)
Beach Balls (2)

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Disclaimer: I received the opportunity to review this movie, along with my children in order to give you my honest opinion. As always, all thought and opinions are my own and reflect my personal views.