5 most popular printable coupons

Here are this week’s 5 most popularly printed coupons. Get ‘em now if you want them, because they are running out of prints!

55¢ off when you buy any TWO DOLE® Fruit Bowls All Natural Fruit in 100% Juice

$1.50 off when you buy any ONE AVENT Pacifier Pack

$1.00 off when you buy any ONE Tyson® Any’tizers® Snacks

55¢ off when you buy THREE LEAN CUISINE® varieties

$1.10 off when you buy any FIVE Stouffer’s® entrées or Stouffer’s® French Bread Pizzas


No inserts today? No problem!

There are no inserts in today’s papers. Still need coupons? Still trying to save on that big shopping trip for your holiday meals? No worries–here are all the best printable sites, all in one post, just for you!

Smart Source

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Coupon Network

Red Plum






I can't figure out where I double-dipped, but I did!

I just did my weekly trip at Acme. I can’t figure out where I double-dipped, but I did!

I was mainly interested in the GM stuff, as far as stockpiling. I did not get ANY of the other catalina offers, like the Carnation or PopTarts. I did however, mix & match a total of 28 different GM items. It was a mix of HN Cheerios, MultiGrain Cheerios, NV Granola Bars and Fiber One Brownies. In return, I got 7 catalinas for a free milk, 7 catalinas for $2 each, compliments of General Mills, and 7 catalinas for “$2 off your next purchase of $2 or more” but there is no mfr mentioned anywhere. I also got two catalinas to go online to enter at BTFE, for $1 each.

I went back and looked at the post I did on the national catalinas, and they all should have ended July 10. Even if I was double-dipping on those, I should have only gotten one $3 catalina extra, for buying 5 or more of the mentioned GM items.

In any event, with coupons and catalinas afterwards, it definitely means that the GM items work out to be free–with $4 in catalinas plus a $4.50 milk catalina for each set of 4, I know I didn’t pay $8.50 oop for each set.

Just wish I could figure out how it was working, so that I could go back & do more.

No coupons? No problem! week of May 9

Sorry I’m a little late with this one this week. My pick of the week is still going to be Giant! I went there this morning and had mixed success.

First, the Hallmark catalina offer is still working. Buy any three cards and get $5 back. The $0.99 cards work and I’ve purchased dozens. But, I did have one transaction this morning not work for me, so choose carefully and be prepared to return them or eat the cost if it doesn’t work. At the Kennett Square store they do have $0.99 Father’s Day cards. I also read online that in Altoona, PA, the store has been instructed to NOT restock any of the $0.99 cards until this deal is over. Pfft! So while this is a great deal, it’s turning into a YMMV (your mileage may vary) deal very quickly.

The Scott deal is also still running through this week. But any three Scott items from different categories, and get $3 back. The three categories are toilet paper, paper towels and wet wipes. The paper towels are $1 and the small TP roll is $0.87, so you can just pay $1.87+ tax and get $2 back. And that $2 will roll onto a second deal, just make sure you have something to eat up the overage. I’ve been using the $0.50 coupon on the wipes, which are $1.89. Once that coupon doubles, I’m paying $0.87 + $0.89 +$1.00 and getting $3 back. Love free TP!

But if you don’t have any coupons, still lots of small freebies to be had at Giant. I am completely stocked in greeting cards now, for the next few years!