Small Ways to Save Money

save money

It seems this day everyone is looking to save money.  Being Frugal with your money and spending smart is a great way to insure that this type of living is something that you do for the long haul.  Here is a list of some ways you can save starting right now!

Have a no-spend weekend

Sometimes it takes a break in the routine to get spending under control. We like to challenge ourselves with a no spend weekend.  Try to go an entire weekend without eating out, shopping, or ordering something online. This also includes ordering take out!  It won’t solve all your spending problems, but it’s a start.

Hang up the land line telephone service

If most of your calls are to other cell users in the same network, consider canceling the land line and using a cell phone only.  For most people, there is not a reason to have a landline unless you have an alarm system that is tied to it or other services that require you to have one.

Skip the theater, subscribe to Netflix

Going to the movie theater is a great but it’s also expensive.  At nearly $15 a ticket, a family of four will pay a ton just to get in. Skip the theater, and sign up for an online DVD rental service. No late fees, and no gas used up traveling back and forth to the rental store. They have hundreds of movies, TV shows and best of all…they are commercial free!

Just say no to social eventsor agree to meet after dinner

Peer pressure can wreak havoc on your financial plans.  Everyone wants you to go out for dinner at this new fancy restaurant but it is a little pricey for your budget.  It’s never fun to turn down a chance to go out with friends, but there are ways to say yes without spending a fortune. Meet for drinks and desert afterwards and have a smaller out of pocket cost.  No one will know if you simply say you can’t make dinner but would love to meet for dessert.

Eat less meat

In our house we try to have a couple non meat meals because we recognize that carnivorous habits cost me big at the grocery store and are not healthy. We’ve recently started having breakfast for dinner (eggs instead of meat), and substituting things like pinto beans (a great source of non-meat protein) in meals instead of meats.

Shop at a farmers market for in-season produce

Few things taste as good as fresh fruits and vegetables!  if it is out of season, locally. Figure out what’s in season and support local growers by visiting a farmers market.  You’ll save and get healthy fruit and veggies!

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