Photo Friday deal~50% off photo books at Shutterfly

I’ve been slacking on this weekly thing–I was going to try to post a photo deal every Friday. The other day I was digging through the basement for various reasons (evaluating what I have for the holidays, getting ready for a consignment sale) and I came across two huge bins of scrapbooking stuff. I don’t know what to do with it. I always had these grand visions of beautiful scrapbooks that I would do, one for each boy, each year….now at minimum, I’m 10 scrapbooks behind. It’s just so much easier to order these photobooks instead. I can do a nice one in 1-2 hours and that’s it.

Time to get ready for the holidays….so start ordering yours now! Use the code BOOKIT to get 50% off.

50% off Photo Books from exp 10/18

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