Box Tops for Education

I am the BTFE coordinator for my son’s school. That makes me very aware of the General Mills and BTFE promotions that are going on in my area. I like many of the BTFE products and was buying them anyway, getting catalinas and free stuff was just a bonus. Acme used to run fantastic General Mills promos that resulted in lots of freebies and $5 BTFE certs; but they’ve cut back. One collection period, I had over $255 in the $5 certificates for Kevin’s school. Think about it–I made a $255 donation to the school, and it didn’t cost me any money, just some time. I still do well, but not that good! It’s still a program worth pursuing.

Here are some helpful links of printables and programs.

BTFE printables- the printable coupons available on the BTFE site.

In your area: On this page, you can register to be kept informed about deals on BTFE products in your area. Deals such as “Get an extra $5 BTFE when you buy 10 participating products” and that type of thing.

Growing Local Learning-where you register the e-codes you get from BTFE. This program is ONLY for Supervalu stores (Acme, Osco, Albertson’s) so don’t look for it if you don’t have one near you.

Avery Design & Print- this is AWESOME! I make up little Ziplocs with stickers on them for the kids to take home. On it, I put the due date and a place for their name & classroom. Avery has ready-made templates with the BTFE logos on them, makes it sooooo easy. I use this all the time.

List of participating products

Eat Better America: more printable coupons for BTFE products; check back after 1st of each month

General Mills: complete list of coupons and promotions for the GM family of products, great resource!

Pssst: This is the ‘preview’ and word-of-mouth marketing site for General Mills. Sign up here and you’ll get free new (BTFE) products to try. I just got an email that I’m getting a free full-sized box of Honey Nut something in the mail next week!

E-Box Tops: earn e-box tops from these merchants when you shop online. They even have a “Deals, Discount and Clearance” section….yay!

Individual Products: GM is such a HUGE family of products, it would be impossible for me to list them all. But each one also has it’s own website and promotions, like Cheerios, Bisquick Betty Crocker and more.

Have a great BTFE idea or tip? Email me! This page is always evolving and I welcome your input.



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